Not bad, just rusty

Start of something… tiny

In the wake of “I am two bullets” I’ve decided to jump back into the mix straight away and make another diorama. I’m due to start a new job in two weeks from today and I will need to get it done by then, unless I want to delay it to September. No thanks. With […]

by RR on June 2, 2014, filed: RECOVERY (wip), WHO GOES THERE? (complete)


Been finding all the time I can in-between work, writing and swimming to carry on with the diorama. Little by little it progresses each day. I’m always really excited to see the finished product, but success isn’t a destination. It’s a journey. And that’s the part I love the most, so I’m not rushing anything. […]

by RR on April 19, 2012, filed: RECOVERY (wip)

Artillery Tractor

Progress has been made since returning with a bag full of goodies from Open Day. One of them is almost done.

by RR on April 12, 2012, filed: RECOVERY (wip)


Just received it. Now just waiting on a few other Death Korps pieces and I am good to go.

by RR on February 28, 2012, filed: RECOVERY (wip)

Base Control

So I’ve been working a lot recently and not had a much time at all to work on the new diorama. I’ve ordered a bunch of new materials (eBay) and stock for the new piece (Forgeworld). I’m still waiting on Forgeworld. Shouldn’t be long. The new diorama, as you already know, is called “Recovery”. At […]

by RR on February 21, 2012, filed: RECOVERY (wip)

Begin Again…

It’s been a bumpy ride these past 10 days since finishing “Lost”. Don’t get me wrong, the reaction to said diorama has been phenomenal… it’s just… well… I have to live up to that standard now in my next one. A challenge; nevertheless, one that I have accepted with open arms. So, to begin again… I […]

by RR on February 11, 2012, filed: RECOVERY (wip)