Not bad, just rusty

The Tavern’s Walls – Part II

With Thanksgiving done and dusted, I got back to the bench and started work again on my full-size Saulenas’ Tavern build. For posterity, here’s the reference of the original seen on F&SM again: First, with the walls still flat on my work surface, I got all the base painting done. I started with a wash […]

by RR on November 30, 2020, filed: ROCKY POINT HARBOR (HO)

Full size Saulenas’ Tavern – Part I

I’m still finishing Swee’Peas’ Rooming House, but as that build winds down I’ve already begun working on the next: Saulenas’ Tavern. Bar Mills makes a kit that’s been around for years and I’m using it as a base for my build. I’m only using it in this way because it’s not the full, original Tavern […]

by RR on November 24, 2020, filed: ROCKY POINT HARBOR (HO)

Swee’Pea’s – Part II

I got busy painting all my 3D printed parts, including printing some new pieces like a chimney stack, workbench (not used on this structure), a tire, scuppers, downspouts and more. These fine details will be added over the course of the next week or more — which will complete the build. For now, I got […]

by RR on November 20, 2020, filed: ROCKY POINT HARBOR (HO)

Swee’Peas Bar & Grill – with Rooming House

I have started the structure for Swee’Pea’s. The walls I’m using are from FOS Scale Models. Some have been cut to length, others have been added to for height. All lumber not specified is from Northeastern. Also, I got some new 3D parts printed, including a cornice and storefronts. These all look wonky right now, […]

by RR on November 14, 2020, filed: ROCKY POINT HARBOR (HO)

G.S Scale Supplies

With all of the blog posts detailing my journey into HO scale modeling lost forever, I’m using my current build to start again. This time making sensible backups as I go. Each and every day I find new inspiration from George Sellio’s wonderful layout, the Franklin & South Manchester Railroad. I think many of us […]

by RR on November 13, 2020, filed: ROCKY POINT HARBOR (HO)